Unlike Salsa, Bachata dance did not usually include many complex turn patterns, but they have come to be used more and more as the dance evolves. The leading is with a “pushing and pulling” hand and arm communication, as in many other social dances.

The original dance style from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean is a basic dance sequence in a full 8 count moving within a square.


After its introduction into the Western World, dancers began developing a more simple pattern and added dance elements from other dances as well. In this Westernized version, the basic is also in a full 8 count, but with a side-to-side motion. Both Styles consist of 3 normal steps and then a tap step. The tap is often accompanied by a “pop” of the hips, and is sometimes substituted with syncopation, or steps in between the beats.


Bachata music has an accent in rhythm at every first count in the measure of four beat, most people dance starting on the first beat and this is called dancing Bachata to the basic rhythm of the music. But Bachata can be danced to different timings as well e.g. tapping on the first beat and then taking the first normal step on the second beat.


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