We know how important your wedding day is and we want to help you make it even more special. When that magical moment arrives, your friends and family will be amazed by your elegance, confidence, style, and grace.
This is also a great way to have fun and relax, before and after the big day!  Enjoying time together while learning how to dance is a great hobby for any couple to share. Your first dance is such an everlasting expression of love and commitment. 

First, we schedule a wedding intro lesson/consultation. We start with a chat about music, styles of dance, time commitments, etc. During the consult we also demonstrate a few dance styles that would fit your music selection. Then we move into dance instruction on your dance choice. Besides introducing the basics, this helps assess your ability as well as dance likes and dislikes. Once your instruction concludes we can show you the different lesson options available and select the perfect package for your first dance, your schedule, and your budget.


Monday - Friday 1pm-10pm


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